The Akatakyi Local Trading and Crafts Company Limited was found in January this year 2022 by Christoph Peinhaupt & Isaac Nda Kwofie to give the Akatakyi People a commercial but sustainable platform on which they can sell their crafting products directly to the customer - wheter over the web shop or to travelers visiting our Village - depending on size and location worldwide the shippment will be arraged individual and insured. For the whole progress we keep all the efforts as simple and reasonable to guarantee a most beneficial income for the Locals and the coummunity. The A-T-C is the first company as a Start-Up of the K-l-M and is working and selling under the Codex of the Kumulipo-Movement. 
Trading for Living not for Profit 
With the acceptance of the Codex, the A-T-C can act commercial but every seller has to invest the half of their income into the Akataky Clean-Up Campaign Services NGO. Toghether with the K-l-M sustainable and autarc concepts are made and realised to protect the future of all local nature and educate local people to preserve and maintain it with best local and international Knowledge and Wisdom. 
To make the village become self-sufficient and independent from crisis and to keep it from polution, desease and climate change - For Akatakyi is still an almost untouched paradise where it´s not to late to do things right... 
Some old Hawaiian Guy once said to me:
"If we take care of the Land, the Land will take care of us"
that´s why the Land shall be preserved in rightousness
and not by laws or profit but by everyones sacred duty"
- -
The ATC is now incorporated and good to go..

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