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Whether it's a family business or an international corporation, there are various ways to change the world for the better through collaboration. These range from suitable project financing and traditional sponsorship to occasion-based corporate donations. Customer initiatives, events, or products whose proceeds are donated to support our work are also opportunities for collaboration. All of these measures are important signals to customers, business partners, and employees, demonstrating a willingness to take social responsibility as a company.
Together, we can raise awareness for nature-related ways of living and social engagement to make a sustainable, positive change in communities around the world!
Our Partners, helping us to fulfill our mission!

The Forwarding Company Herbert Temmel GmbH is a Patrion of the KLM Ghana, the AKATAKYI - SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPING VILLAGE & AKATAKYI CLEAN-UP CAMPAIGN, delivering tools and humanitarian goods for us to build up and support our Programs.

Biber-Baumschnitt has been the main sponsor of KLM since its inception.

Since 2022, Biber-Baumschnitt has become a patron of Akatakyi Trading & Crafts Ltd. (ATC) and is assisting in the establishment of the Akpuho Beach Sanctuary. As part of this initiative, the ATC furniture workshop and the Akpuho Tavern & Ecolodge are being created. The locals are being trained by Biber-Baumschnitt in the fields of tree care, landscaping, and wood processing, and will then take over the complete setup, including equipment, to independently continue the start-up.

Private Donators:
Jonathan Kwame Bermansu
Andrea & Gerhard Peinhaupt
Klaus Salmutter
Georg TAS Peinhaupt

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