The Akatakyi Clean-Up Campaign is an example of the power of individual action and engagement in bringing about positive change in our communities. Founded at the end of 2020 by Issac Nda Kwofie and Christoph Peinhaupt, the campaign focused on waste management in the coastal village of Prusi Akatakyi in southwestern Ghana. The local team of six members started by cleaning the beach but soon realized that the entire village needed a comprehensive waste management system.

Through collaboration with local authorities, NGOs, and chiefs (local leaders), the team prepared a sustainable and effective waste disposal infrastructure and created two beach parks. One of them will open it's doors as our Akpuho Beach Sanctuary - Tavern & Lodges this year. These efforts resulted in a clean, vibrant, and sustainable community. The Akatakyi Clean-Up Campaign is currently operating in the Ahanta West District in Ghana on a self-initiated basis and can be recruited there. It has an educational mission and serves as an inspiration for similar initiatives worldwide, emphasizing the importance of community engagement and collaboration for long-term sustainability and development.

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