Impressum - Kumulipo Movement Austria

Association Registration Number: 
ZVR 1899906712
Registered Office:
Waltendorfer Hauptstr. 86
8010 Graz

Christoph Peinhaupt (President)
Tel.: +43 676 571 7822
Donation Account 
Wise Europe SA
IBAN: BE89 9677 9484 9385
Association Purpose

Kumulipo Movement is committed to sustainable, lifeworld-oriented, and nature-centric development. The purpose of the association is to preserve and promote indigenous and nomadic traditions, beliefs, and ways of life in harmony with nature, the environment, and the community. This is done following the moral guidance of Christian values and the Aloha Spirit, as described in the Hawaii Revised Statutes §5-7.5.
Initiatives (Programs):
The individual initiatives of the Movement have the following goals:
- Promotion of education and awareness
- Perception, respect, preservation, and revitalization of local nature and nature-related traditions
- Integration of local, traditional, modern, and international knowledge
- Development-oriented sustainability in all areas of life
- Harmony, respect, and balance between humans and nature
- Encouraging creativity, innovation, prevention, and education in social and nature-related aspects of daily life
- Involvement of tourism in the promotion areas
Operation AS an association
Statement about the basic direction of
 the association
The association pursues the following activities:
- Revitalization and care campaigns for natural and living spaces with a community-strengthening and educational character
- Creation of protected and retreat areas for flora, fauna, and maritime life
- Establishment and establishment of training centers ("Sanctuaries") as carriers and conveyors of traditions, techniques, and beliefs evaluated as environmentally and nature-friendly for at least seven generations
- Development of a nature-connected and preserving way of life without overloading or exploiting the predominant ecosystem and local resources
- Globally oriented networking
- Visiting and supporting indigenous and nomadic cultures at home and abroad
- Deployment of traveling scouts ("Imi loa"), local care takers ("Malama"), and pilgrimage inspectors ("Kahuna")
The necessary resources are provided through:
- Donations, collections, legacies, and other contributions
- Proceeds from events and association-owned enterprises
- Products and services of the Sanctuaries and start-ups

Authorized Representatives
Association Board:
- President & Secretary: Christoph Kili PEINHAUPT
- Vice President: Isaac Nda KWOFIE
- Treasurer: Andrea PEINHAUPT
Registered Office:
Kumulipo Movement Austria
ZVR-Zahl: 1899906712
Waltendorfer Hauptstr. 86
8010 Graz, Austria
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