Guidelines for Accepting Donations

The Kumulipo Movement receives the majority of its financial support from individuals, private institutions, organizations, and companies. In Austria, our work is funded 100% through private donations. Financial independence is essential for us to maintain independent environmental conservation and humanitarian aid efforts. To ensure this, we have a globally applicable policy for accepting both monetary and in-kind donations.
Accepting Donations Only According to the Kumulipo

We accept donations from companies, foundations, institutions, and private donors if they align with the core values and principles of the Kumulipo Codex, do not harm the Movement's image, and do not impact or jeopardize our humanitarian and ethical initiatives in terms of their products or production methods.
Following the Kumulipo Codex, we do not accept donations from the arms, tobacco, pharmaceutical, and raw materials industries (such as oil, gas, gold, etc.).
We routinely assess each donation's origin and alignment with our principles. Depending on the donation amount, an appropriate internal evaluation process is carried out based on well-defined criteria. We use information provided by the donors themselves, as well as publicly available sources and, if necessary, relevant agencies, for these investigations.
Designation of Donations

Our work requires flexible and unrestricted availability of financial resources. Non-designated donations are indispensable for us to provide independent and swift assistance. A donation with a specific purpose requires individual consultation.
In handling donated funds, we ensure utmost transparency. The transparent use and documentation can be accessed through means such as an annual report, social networks, newsletters, etc.
The name and logo of Kumulipo Movement - KLM are intellectual property of the organization. The right to use them requires explicit and written consent from us without exception. Without the corresponding written supplementary agreement, the use of the name and logo is always restricted to Austria.


For further and detailed information about our guidelines, we are at your disposal.

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